Inclusion And Requirements Of The Areas Of Learning And Development

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Unit 13: Promote Learning And Development In The Early Years.

1: Understand the purpose and requirements of the areas of learning and development in the relevant early year’s framework.

1.2: Describe the documented outcomes for children that form part of the relevant early year’s framework.

Documented outcomes for children that form part of the relevant early years framework: Desired outcomes for children and young people as in the required framework for early years provision within the Foundation Phase are the following:

• Personal and social development, well being and cultural diversity outcomes.
This documented outcome is at the heart of the Foundation Phase. In our setting we provide children with opportunities to develop their …show more content…

at circle time, individual and group discussions. We have range of resources including audio/visual material and makaton signs for children with speech, language and communication problems.

• Mathematical development outcomes.
During the Foundation Phase, children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of mathematics through oral, practical and play activities. In our setting children`s mathematical development is supported by different activities. Children are encouraged to develop their understanding of measurement units, investigate the properties of shapes and develop early ideas of reasoning and basic mathematical procedures through practical opportunities. These opportunities include cooking, exploring and counting activities.

• Welsh language development outcomes.
In our setting where English is the main medium of communication, children`s Welsh language skills are progressively developed through different activities. Children are learning to use and communicate in basic Welsh. They are encouraged to communicate their needs in welsh and are increasingly exposed to Welsh by the teachers. • Knowledge and understanding of the world outcomes.
This outcome can be achieved by providing children with opportunities to experience the familiar world through enquiry,

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