Analysis Of Daniel Dennet 's ' Where Am I '

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Daniel Dennet’s short story Where Am I, focuses on the metaphysical, and physical dilemma in where the idea of the self truly supervenes, in which there is a displacement of the self, which is broken into four possible locations at the end of Dennets story. Furthermore this paper will firstly summarize his story, afterwards view each possible location and explain why it’s possible. Thirdly I will thereafter interpret these ideas further with a philosophical view in how they cope, or violate them, and than refute why Dennet is none of these locations. Daniel Dennet’s short tale Where Am I? focuses on the metaphysical issue where the idea of the self supervenes. For Dennet, undergoes a necessary procedure of having his brain removed as he proceeds on a dangerous and patriotic mission. After the removal of his brain, he consciously witnesses it floating in a vat connecting all brain functions via radio frequencies, and if the signal is turned off, his body collapses in to a vegetative state. This only leads Dennet to question, where am I? Is he the brain in a vat, or the body, which he christens as hamlet, and his brain referred as Yorick. Both Hamlet, and Yorick are underground in Houston at this point however. This issue only deepens for his body (Hamlet) loses connection to his brain miles underground, to have his senses blacked out momentarily until he awakens back in Houston with a different body (which he than refers to as Fortinbraz). Consequently in losing his old

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