Analysis Of Daniel Victor 's ' Why We All Lives Matter '

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“All Lives Matter” hasn’t brought people together,” says Daniel Victor in his “Why ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Such a Perilous Phrase” article in The New York Times. The term “All Lives Matters” has caused a bigger rift between different ethnic groups than intended. The phrase was initially intended to bring people of every color together. There was hope that every race would stand side by side and face the perils of the world as a whole. However, supporters of the Black Lives Matter campaign feel the term is aiding the public in downplaying the injustices of black Americans. “Saying #AllLivesMatter is like running through a cancer fundraiser & saying ‘There’s other diseases too,’” says a source in Daniel Victor’s article. The Black Lives Matter campaign supporters believe every life is equally important as the next. Contrariwise, they also believe not every life goes through the same troubles. Therefore, they deem attention and support should go to the lives that are in need of immediate backing. All lives do matter but as of right now the lives of Black Americans are in need of support. The Black Lives Matter Campaign is not meant to put down other races it is meant to bring up a race that is being put down. It is meant to help people who are in need. Victor’s Audience are people who blindly believe the term “All Lives Matter” is helping society. Through esteemed sources, an intelligent choice of audience and emotional appeal’s Daniel Victor effectively corroborates the “All
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