Analysis Of Dave Barry 's ' Guys Vs. Men '

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Within his piece, Guys Vs. Men, Dave Barry articulates the different perspectives available on viewing males. Throughout his piece he utilizes a satirical tone to showcase this idea. The audience that Dave Barry is attempting to convey his message to is the general public. I believe this to be an appropriate assessment as the level of language employed by Dave Barry, throughout his piece, lacks complexity. His use of satire also helps to identify the audience. This is because the use of humour can be seen as a way to capture the attention of a reader quickly in hopes that the reader continues, and ultimately finishes the article. Using these as evidence I can conclude the audience being targeted is the general public. Dave Barry’s thesis, which can be located in paragraph one, stating “that there’s another way to look at males: not as aggressive macho dominators; not as sensitive, liberated, hugging drummers; but as guys.” Within his thesis, Dave Barry expresses how the stereotypes that define a male are not the only points of view of a male. He conveys that there are other perspectives available on how males can be viewed, and one of them is simply to view males as guys. In his body paragraphs, Dave Barry proceeds to explain the various characteristics that make up, and are exhibited by, guys. The Characteristics he mainly emphasises are how “Guys Like Neat Stuff”, how “Guys Like a Really Pointless Challenge”, and finally how “Guys Do Not Have a Ridged and Well-Defined

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