Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' Make America Great Again '

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Brittany Holt
ENG 112 WA 13
Assignment: Presidential Essay Draft 3
Make America Great Again “Make America Great Again”, the strategy of Donald Trump. Wealthy, honest, bold, and powerful; a few words that can describe Trump. Can those be the words that describe our next President? Trump can be seen as a chauvinist pig and too honest for Americans. With the 2016 election coming up, America needs is honesty and to step away from the political correctness. Donald Trump stands firm on immigration laws, proposes a solid tax plans and is able to maintain budget controls. Our national immigration policy, a serious issue brought up by Donald Trump. Donald Trump sees this immigration policy as faulty and corrupt. The immigration
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We have workers now competing for limited jobs that once were not limited to the hard working Americans because of the growth in immigrants. “The foreign-born population began to increase again after President Johnson sign the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965- 50 years ago this coming Saturday. The law eliminated quotas and limits on how many immigrants would be allowed into the USA. The act established a system focused on accepting immigrants with family ties in the USA and those with certain work skills.” (Gomez) Trump has given a preview of what his immigration plan would look like if he were to win the election; he wants to deport all illegal immigrants in a humane way to where they would all be happy. When Trump was asked about his immigration plan in a “60 Minutes” Interview on how he would possibly deport over 11 million illegal immigrants he simply said “It’s called management”. Immigration is not an easy subject to tackle but with the right laws and enforcement we, as America, can turn that issue around over time.
The Donald Trump Tax plan, probably his best idea in this debate, recreating tax brackets for the working class Americans. With the president we currently have, we have no middle class, you are either poor or rich. With the Donald Trump Tax Plan he says he would eliminate the income tax for millions of people, lower the tax rate on all businesses
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