Analysis Of Dumpster Diving By Lars Eighner

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Dumpster Diving is an essay written by Lars Eighner. The Texan and former homeless man who roamed the streets searching for food from unpleasant sites in order to help him survive the harsh times. His loss of income made him to get food from garbage sites, which he refers to as ‘Dumpster’ He wrote this essay to express his experience as a homeless and destitute person. The essay gives a detailed explanation of how people like him struggle to get food from dump sites and the dangers they face. Eighner used basic English to describe the process of scavenging and its consequences in the essay.
This essay is written in the first-person format. The author has used personal interesting stories to build a relationship with his readers. Hence, the use of personal pronoun ‘I’ in the entire text. For instance, he says, “I began Dumpster diving about a year before I became homeless” (Cite). Additionally, Eighner has made use of ethos as a persuasive tool. He informs the audience about his life before his present situation. He was a government employee in a health facility (Cite). The story is also an accurate interpretation of his experience, which gives his story a great deal of credibility.
The author has also made intentional attempts to persuade the audience through the use of logical statements backed up by evidence. Eighner has started the essay by introducing how he viewed dumpsters as valuable objects. He then gives reasons why he is depending on dumpsters for his food. Being out of the workforce, he had no means of acquiring meals. He thus seeks refuge to the dump sites to get what he described as discarded and perfectly good food items. To support his position, Eighner informs his audience that this decision followed his inability to buy food as the little money he had was used to pay rent. He writes, “I put almost all my sporadic income into rent. The necessities of daily life I began to extract from Dumpsters” (Cite). Hence, he is able to convince the audience that his actions were as a result of saving money for rent.
He uses similar rhetoric to explain the hustle and process of taking out, preparing, and eating food from dump sites. For instance, he explains that it is too risky and unsafe to take rusty

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