Analysis Of Eagle Rock Jr. / Sr. High School

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The traditional public school that I chose and that I am observing is called Eagle Rock Jr./ Sr. High School. This public school is the only one with a 7-12 grade configuration with comprehensive junior and senior high school. They offer the magnet program for gifted students in grades 7-12. Moreover, they offer a fully authorized IB middle school year Programme to students from 7-10, and the IB Diploma Programme for students in grades 11-12. This school was established in 1927 and the campus is around 40 acres. This campus includes the current main building, gymnasium facilities, auditorium, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Eagle Rock High School ranks number 15 in LA county, number 43 in CA, and number 343 in the nation. From the last data recorded in 2011-2012, the total student population consists of 8 percent of Asia students, 21 percent Filipino, 0.2 percent Pacific Islander, 2 percent African American, 58 percent Hispanic, 10 percent White, and 1.0 American Indian/ Alaskan. There are approximately 2, 391 enrolled in this school year from which 34 percent are gifted or talented, 11 percent students with disabilities, 6 percent English learners, and 25 percent are reclassified fluent in English proficient. According to the US News and World Report, about 65 percent of the students are considered to be economically disadvantaged. From these students, 51 percent were eligible for the free lunch program and with a household income of $29,995 for a family of four. The

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