Analysis Of Fatigue Crack Propagation Of A Steel Catenary Riser

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1. Project Overview 1.1. Background
Consumption energy since the 1950s has been in a progressive upsurge in the world. Fossil fuels like oil, natural gases, and coal nevertheless has the aggregate of 80% of the world’s energy consumption despite the fact that there’s has a diminution in some renewable energy resources, cons considering the number of inventions and creativities. In the late 2000s, the speed growth in price of crude oil is a result of increase in demand of oil and gas. Virtually 80% of fossil fuel consumed are oil and gas making their production the main importance to the stability of world’s energy supply
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The previous studies show that the TDP, where the SCR starts to contact the seabed, is one of the critical locations of SCR prone to fatigue failure (Fu etal, 2010).
Failure in SCR can result in reduction or an interruption of a revenue. It may also lead to pollution or spillage which disastrous to human live. Cyclic bending stresses are largely experienced at the TDZ which is a critical location for fatigue especially when subjected to high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, TDZ design must carry a high degree of reliability. (Bai and Bai)

1.2. Scope
To analyze and optimize the fatigue crake propagation of a steel catenary riser at the touch down zone. This would also determine the failure mode of the SCR in worse conditions.
Furthermore, a theoretical overview of physical aspect of SCR and a detailed study of fatigue crack with respect to different external loads will be discussed. A typical analysis, simulation and modelling using ANSYS will be carried out to determine the fatigue life the SCR subjected to different loads also an MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) inspection will carried to determine its initial cracks.

1.3. Aim and Objective
To carry out a research and perform some engineering analysis to determine the fatigue life of an X65 steel catenary riser at its touch down zone and ways of mitigating its failure mode.
• Understanding and identifying fatigue crack on a SCR in deep
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