Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson Essay

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Fences written by August Wilson, the setting reveals the man that Troy Maxson really is. The set of the play represents Troy Maxson’s character within the play where him and his family reside in a fenced in yard of Troy’s front porch, brick house. He is proud to provide a home for his family. However, Troy has not accomplished this achievement on his own. Which takes a toll on Troy when he realizes he has nothing to show for his life which leads Troy to feel ashamed of himself. The protagonist, Troy Maxson’s job as an African American is a trash collector where is a disappointment for Troy since his dream was to be a professional baseball player. Even though Troys stubbornness gets in the way of his relationships with his family his heart is distracted by the social issues that are occurring during the 1950’s. Troy also represents the number of individuals who ignore the downfalls of social discrimination. Set in the 1950s, Fences explores the changes that African American’s were exposed to at this time period through the character Troy and the younger generation like his son Cory. In Fences, August Wilson, relates the role of race complications through Troy by depicting race throughout Troy’s past experiences and how it effects his current life. In Fences by August Wilson, the drama is set in the 1950’s where America’s pastime of baseball is an underlying factor. One of Wilson’s main ideas his writing was the aspect of how the color of ones skin can make or break ones
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