Analysis Of Franz Kafka 's ' The Metamorphosis '

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Dictators. We all know them. They are evil people that sneak into power and eliminates everyone that is different. Hitler is a very well know dictator. He came to power and started to gather up all the Jews because they were different and were living better than the rest of the Germans. Most of the people persecuted couldn’t help being related to a Jew and yet their pleas for mercy were ignored. Franz Kafka’s novella is not about a dictator but it alludes to a person close to Franz that was as close to a dictator that he ever go to. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, is about a young man that wakes up one day and is a vermin and has to maneuver around his home and come to terms with his six itchy legs. It probably sounds like a load of fictitious ramblings that somehow became a classical novel. Wrong! Look a little closer and the secret message Franz Kafka wrote for his father will slowly emerge from in between the lines. In his secret message, Kafka evinces that a dictator will be a person’s end if he or she does not stand up and defend. He hides his message while also utilizing Gregor’s sister through her indirect and direct actions. Kafka’s secret message is hidden by Grete’s actions and it would have remained hidden without the assistance of Franz Kafka’s letter to his father. Actually, for about 40 years, Kafka’s secret message remained hidden until his letter was published in the 1960’s. By then, it was too late for his parents to question his double meaning in The…
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