Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers, directed by Richard LaGravenese, is a true story about the legendary class 203 of Woodrow Wilson High School. With the help of first-time teacher Erin Gruwell, who is portrayed through actress Hilary Swank, the class of misfits and outcasts discover life in a new light, and they learn to join together as one against the world instead of many (“Freedom Writers”). The touching story sends the message that anything is achievable if one has the right mindset and determination for it, no matter one’s race or situation. Erin Gruwell has earned a job teaching English for the first time, and her co-workers opinions on the students she will be teaching are extremely low. The school had applied an integration program a couple years prior, which caused much disdain among the teaching staff. However, despite remaining her positive outlook, she realizes she has a lot more to handle among her students because of their constant violent means and hatred for each other. The majority of the students are affiliated with gangs and have extremely challenging lives at home. When a controversial death threatens to tear the class apart, a simple game with a not so simple message from Ms. Gruwell is able to bring them back together. Discovering that many of the students shared important situations in common was the key to getting along with one another. The class also bonds over their research over the Holocaust, in which they care so much about the topic that they successfully
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