Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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The movie Freedom Writers, stars Hilary Swank, Imelda Staunton, and Patrick Dempsey, and is directed by Richard LaGravenese, is based on a true story about a school in Long Beach, California (IMDB). Ms. Gruelle and at-risk students to learn how to apply themselves in the classroom, and shows them that their is more to their lives outsides of all the gangs, drugs, and the gang wars. Through unconventional ways of teaching and continuous devotion to her students. Ms. Gruelle teaches her students to appreciate the opportunity each student has and to have the motivation to get a proper education. The Freedom Writers is a great adaptation from book to movie that has a crucial look into true inner city schools and teaches kids to realize how privileged some people truly are.
The movie begins with a first year teacher learning the ropes of teaching, while also learning how to connect to these students, who in the beginning have no hope. As time goes on Ms. Gruelle starts to reach out to these kids. She buys the kids journals so they can write down their problems and she gave them the option for them to put them in a cabinet if they wanted her to read the journal. Almost every student of class 203 put their journal in that cabinet. This was the first sign that she was starting to connect with these students, and it showed trust between the student and teacher. As the story goes on a student by the name of Tito draws a picture of another student Jamal. This action sparked the

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