Analysis Of Hide And Seek

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“Hide and Seek” was written by Jakayla Towey. It is a horror story surrounding the ever changing life of Emily. I would recommend this read to those who are interested in psychological horror. Its development around the game Hide and Seek and the state of being completely insane is very intriguing and will leave most thinking. The story won wattpad’s Watty Award in 2016 for best horror. The story never heads in an expected direction and always keeps you on your toes anticipating the next event.
The story begins with a lighthearted game of hide and seek between emily, our main character, Caleb, Emily’s little brother, and Abby, her best friend. Hide and seek is emily’s favorite game and plays an important role in the story hence, “Hide and Seek”. After their game has ended and abby has headed home, Emily wakes up in the night to see sirens outside of her home and police shouting “come out of the house”. Frightened she hides under her bed hoping that caleb and her family have done the same. Later, in a police car, emile sees the police take two men and two body bags out of the house. Emily, while expecting her parents to walk out, soon realizes why her parents aren't walking out of the house, her parents had been murdered, and she had been sleeping through the entire ordeal. The two would now have to leave everything and live with the Harmons, a name emily faintly remembers. They arrive at the harmons stunning mansion and meet Mr. and Mrs. Harmon. Mrs. Harmon is a pale woman

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