Gothic Short Stories

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The mouldy, rotting, brown house stood in front of Emily, only fear keeping her feet planted to the ground. Moaning and creaking noises being projected from the house. The grass was damp from the evening fog and every time she took a step the mud squelched. The bottom step squeaked as she applied pressure with her foot, she let out a sigh of relief as the old structure hadn’t swallowed her up. The door, slightly off colour from the rest of the house, loomed over her like a giant as he reached for the brass door handle. A shiver ran through her body like an electric current, the musty smell of a house that had been long abandoned filled Emily’s nose. It was dim and uninviting. The furniture dusty and old, looking as if it would crumble to dust if she was to touch it. Mould ate away at…show more content…
Nothing of interest was in the room, only dimly lit candles and trunks of old, moth eaten clothes. She felt as if someone, or something, was watching her, waiting to drag me into the shadows. Then there it was it was she was unsure but almost certain it was a ghost. The ghost was a white cloud like figure and its eyes and mouth were as black as the night sky's. It was more silent than the grave it arose from, staring with heavy lidded eyes and a slack mouth..As Emily turned to leave, “Don't go.” said a gentle voice, “we can be such good friends.” A blue-white glow filled the room making her skin appear paper thin. “Who are you” Emily asked in fear “We met the day I turned twelve. At the train station, you sat across from me with a small smile. Our toes could hardly touch the floor then. I remember being so very close with each other, but I don’t know how after what you did to me” Emily shook her head mutely. She'd been here an hour tops, or this was some nightmare. It wasn't real, how could it be. “Stay with me” the ghost repeated as Emily was trying to find a way out. She shook her head. “Why refuse
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