Analysis Of Hideki Tojo, One Of The Worst Rulers

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Due May 15th
Brayden Miller
Period - 7
May 14th, 2015
Mr. Thompson
Hideki Tojo, one of the worst rulers to live?
Hello, I am former Prime Minister of Japan known as Hideki Tojo. I was a man who was born December 30, 1884, and lived in a japanese district known as Kojimachi (Wikip). I was one of three children under my father Hidenori Tojo who was a lieutenant general in the japanese imperial army. in 1899, I entered the Army Cadet School, worked hard to get a reputation, and ended being commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the IJA “Imperial Japanese Army” (Wikipedia). I then married my lovely wife Katsuko Ito and had seven kids. I had lots of experience in military and politics as time went on. I was the prime minister of japan from 1941 to 1944 when japan was fighting the U.S. in world war II. I was promoted in 1934 to the general and chief personnel in the Army Ministry. In 1940 i became the Minister of war for japan. We could see our country by this time being just as powerful as the european countries. Hitler, a good friend of mine during WWII, admired what we were doing with japan, and that we would soon be a superpower. The need for supplies to further advance our military was needed, so we started advancing through the pacific, island hopping. we had a feeling that as we moved forward, the chance of the US starting a war would be inevitable. So in 1941, after the US stopped transporting supplies to japan due to our advancements in the pacific, I ordered

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