Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephants

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The short story "Hills like White Elephants" written by Ernest Hemingway contains lots of hidden meaning and symbolism. It is almost crpytic and engimatic.
The story is hard to understand at first and then you start to realize that there is a much deeper meaning to the story. One has to read the entire story until the end to understand what is going on, then a second time to fully and completely comprehend the hidden meaning behind the dialogue in this short story. The story "Hills like
White Elephants" at the surface seems to be a simple story and contains straightforward dialogue, but all of it can be analzyed and we can see that there's is a much deeper meaning behind it all. The girl named "Jig" suggests that the hills look like white elephants. Which is a reference to the saying "the white elephant in the room". The saying "the white elephant in the room" means that there is something that everyone knows about and there is almost a sense of tension in the air. As if there was a white elephant in the room, everyone knows it is there but no one wants to talk about it. One example of a white elephant situation is where a family member crashed a car, but at dinner that night no one speaks of it, but that's whats on everyone's minds. The entire short story seems to reference that there is something that is going to happen to the girl but it is by her choice. At first glance it seems like she is going to do something irreversible as implied in the lines "...And once they take it away you can never take it back". Whatever she is about to do is going to change her life forever. And this choice she is going to make creates tension between her and the man, which I assume is her lover. It is clear he wants to go forward with it, he keeps telling her how simple it is and how "We'll be fine afterwards, just like we were before". From everything said in the story, we can conclude that it is an abortion she is going to have. The way the girl speaks she seems to be very anxious and nervous. She wants to try different alchoholic drinks and continues to make suggestive, implicative small talk. Jig seems to be very unsure of her choice, and her lover is very encouraging of her decision
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