Analysis Of Home Burial By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost poetry essay
‘Meaningful discoveries can offer opportunities to change the course of an individual’s life, physically, spiritually or emotionally.’
How is this view of discovery represented in your prescribed text and at least ONE other text of your choosing?
For an individual’s life to under-go meaningful discoveries of a physical, spiritual or emotional nature, one must make use of the opportunities that life presents them with. This notion is outstandingly exemplified through poet Robert Frost’s poetry, specifically poems ‘Home Burial’ and ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’. Through the context of these poems as well as the placement of poetic devices, emotional, spiritual, and self-discoveries are brought to light.
Frost’s ‘Home Burial’ effectively presents emotional discoveries through reactions of a dramatis personae to the same revelation. Frost’s text encompasses a husband and wife whose melancholia over their deceased baby has essentially contributed to the destruction of their marriage. The hostile nature of their marriage is alluded to in the double entendre in the title, “Home Burial.” The use of double entendre elicts to the literal burial of the baby in the home of the broken family. Additionally, the esoteric interpretations construct the proposal a baby has not only been buried, but a marriage along with it. Through the progression of the poem, it is validated that although the catalyst of the spousal’s problems is the loss of their

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