Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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The Odyssey is known to be a one of the greatest epic poems written during the 8th century BC Homer’s epic poem contains stories about Odysseus journey of returning home. However, it is not just about Odysseus’s journey back home but, his son Telemachus who finds out that his father is alive and in order for Telemachus to find his father. He must develop himself to become like his father because his father is known for being a man who is cunning, strong, well crafted, and responsible. In book 2 of the Odyssey, Homer illustrates Telemachus coming age by using imagery of violence, change in his diction, and simile portraying how he is maturing and developing himself to become like his father.
After Odysseus returning home, we see a brutal and bloody scene of Odysseus killing the suitors. While this massive bloody event is taking place, Telemachus doesn’t hesitate to join his father, “like father like son.” In order for Homer to show how Telemachus has become like his father, he uses imagery of violence to portray his development. Telemachus became a warrior in book 22 of the Odyssey; he helped his father slaughter many people. “But Telemachus—too quick—stabbed the man from behind, plunging his bronze spear between the suitor’s shoulders and straight on through his chest the point came jutting out—down he went with a thud, his forehead slammed the ground. Telemachus swerved…better fight equipped” (Homer 442). We as audience create an image in our head about Telemachus showing

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