Analysis Of Indigena By Cherrie Morura

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Summary of Reading
In Indigena as scribe: The (W)rite to remember. A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness Writings, Cherrie Moraga emphasizes the importance of writing, as people of color. Moraga makes us aware of how much we deny our culture, practices, and myths because we are so afraid to be like our ancestors. Although we fear this close proximity to our ancestors, to Moraga, that same proximity is what makes our narratives valuable. The fear carried within us silences us and makes us forget about the powerful voices we hold. Moraga also writes about the importance of recognizing that institutionally, we have become colonized beings and to understand this concept, can help us break away from the shackles that keep us from being who we truly are. For Moraga, it is important that we acknowledge the power that writing has. She wants us to realize that our narratives are important and we have the right to remember who we are.
Significance of Reading The reading by Moraga was extremely important because we need to realize that we were not always these conditioned linear thinkers or writers. Moraga points out that our years of education in these institutions, institutions not made for us, have created this sense of amnesia about who we are and who we can become. We have tried so hard to forget our stories, myths, and culture so that we can be accepted and not marginalized. We do not realize that this is what society aims to do, a complete erasure of the narratives of

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