Analysis Of Jack Crawford Taylor 's Vision

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Enterprise Holdings, as it is known today, is one of the largest privately owned family businesses in North America, which continues to profoundly affect the car rental and leasing businesses around the globe. The corporation has prided itself on customer service, valuing employees, and has the best retention rate in the industry. There is not a specialized formula for building a successful corporation, so how has Enterprise developed such a powerful company with a strong reputation and loyal customers? The story of Enterprise began with Jack Crawford Taylor’s vision. Jack’s character was shaped by his naval experiences as an officer and pilot where he learned the importance of honesty, hard work, dedication, collaboration, and doing things correctly, is the only way to succeed. After the war, Jack was a successful Cadillac salesperson at Lindburg Dealership in St. Louis Missouri, which gave him financial security and knowledge about the car industry. During a visit to Chicago, Jack observed the ease and convenience of Cadillac’s leasing options and recognized the opportunity for growth potential in this market, since few companies offered car leases. Jack approached his boss about starting a leasing company on the premises of Lindburg Cadillac. In 1957, Jack invested $10,000 and Executive Leasing Company was established with seven cars and one employee. Jack’s investment paid off and today Enterprise is a global business operating in forty countries, with 8,600…
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