Analysis Of Junot Diaz 's ' The Two Story '

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Thesis: In the two story by Junot Diaz he explains that the reason men cheat on women in relationships is because men believe women are their personal toys, so they can do whatever they want, but they need to understand that it hurts women’s feeling, people don’t trust them anymore, and it can break relationships.
After a woman gets cheated from her boyfriend or husband, she gets hurt emotionally, physically and mentally. The reason why women get hurt most of the time then men because women commit their relationship from their hearts. In the Diaz story, This is how you lose her, “She wait for you on the stoop, and when you pull up in Saturn and notice the journal in her hand your heart plunges through you like a fat bandit through a hangman’s trap. You take your time turning off the car. You are overwhelmed by a pelagic sadness. Sadness at being caught, at the incontrovertible knowledge that she will never forgive you” (Pg-49). The quote tells that how does a women react after she find out her boyfriend truth. Like, how she being sad and give a feeling to other that she never going to forgive them. But, harsh males were don’t even care about women feeling because they think women were their personal slaves and they can treat them as they want or over ruled them to control. Related to this Feminist criticism also argued that, “Thus, the argument runs, the nation of penis envy need not to be taken as simply concerning the male physical organ itself but as concerning that
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