Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Garden Party ' Essay

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Kelsey Archuleta Ms. Sparks AP Lit p.6 8 December 2016 Title Katherine Mansfield was a modernist short story writer during the 1920’s. She wrote various short stories in the few years as an author, Mansfield 's stories often commented on class, relationships, families, and sexuality, After reading a few of her most popular works the common theme of them though out was the central conclusion of them all is the protagonist coming of age by seeing the more realistic view on life. The common theme aids Mansfield’s in communicating to her readers the idea of one finally seeing the truths in his or hers personal lifestyles. Mansfield carries this central theme in all stories by using literary devices such as imagery and symbols. Mansfield’s stories contain her protagonist living in a situation where they are blinded by others or societies standards on how they should think or feel. For example Laura in 'The Garden Party ', is confronted with the reality of death. Mansfield introduces the story by explaining the extravagant garden party Laura’s mother is allowing her to plan. The details of Laura ordering around staff and the whole complexity of it all leads readers to believe that Laura and her family are of higher class. Because of this Laura has not been introduces to the realities of life such as Death. She has also been taught that because of her class other below her are “unacceptable” as her neighbors the Sheridans were unacceptable and “they were the greatest possible

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