Analysis Of Lady Lazarus By Sylvia Plath

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What would you do if you were given a chance to come back and haunt the people who did you wrong in your life? Would you go find the person who made you want to end your life? Or would you realize that every time you rise, you will take revenge on those who prey on the weak and the innocent? But neither are what this poem is about. The poem is about our narrator who rises from the dead to take a stand against our past, and not letting in happen again. In the Poem Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath, there is a sense of pain in the words that Plath uses. The poem is very hard to follow when we read it for the first time, we must read it multiple times to see what is going on. Every time we read the poem there are words that stick out that make us feel the pain in the eyes of the haunted woman narrator. Plath is very effective at using diction to make the reader stop and think about what is going on in her poem, using images to create the pain that she is experiencing as well as being able to use symbols to paint a bigger picture for the reader. Diction throughout a poem can either make or break it, and in the case of Lady Lazarus the diction made the poem super strong. The meaning of the word dictation refers to the word choice that the poet uses, because there is not a lot of room in poems to use words that do not convey meaning. An example of this is “/A sort of walking miracle, my skin / Bright as a Nazi Lampshade, /” (lines 4-5) “/My face a featureless, fine / Jew linen.”

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