Analysis Of Last Hope For Peace At Brooklyn's Big Party

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In the article “Last Hope for Peace at Brooklyn’s Big Party” written by the Editorial Board of The New York Times, the main focus is whether or not Brooklyn’s city officials can run the annual celebration of Caribbean Culture named, J’ouvert, without a casualty. The writer uses a few techniques to get their argument across such techniques consist of title, imagery, and more. The writer is not one person but, it is rather The Editorial Board at the New York Times. The writer’s argument works effectively by providing evidence from previous celebrations of J’ouvert, fatal altercations during the event are bound to occur no matter what precautions officials make to prevent them.

The first technique the author uses to support his argument is the title. The title of the article is Last Hope for Peace at Brooklyn’s Big Party. By using this title, the author draws readers in by making them feel as if the topic is of high importance. The author accomplishes this by his word choice and is localizing the article to an area such as Brooklyn. By doing so, the author draws people’s attention in because Brooklyn is a very renowned area. He also shows his standpoint on the issue by using the words “Last Hope”, which is a very negative way of looking at an issue and shows the author has an opposing un-optimistic view/standpoint. By using the words “Last Hope”, the author is able to convey a subliminal message to the reader that there is something wrong that needs fixing and if this
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