Analysis Of Lps Schemes Can Be Categorized From Different Perspectives

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2.2 LPS Classification Due to their diversity, LPS schemes can be categorized from different perspectives .The classification could be based on various criteria like methodology, dependency on equipment’s, operating scenarios, targeted users and outputs. Here we categorize indoor localization systems along three dimensions. First, we consider the output of a localization system which is usually generalized as locations or positions, but actually could be divided into different groups. Most common outputs include:
• Absolute positions: Positions with coordinate’s information which could be directly mapped to physical space. The absolute location could either be represented in discrete space as cells or grids or in continuous space with coordinates.
• Relative positions: The geometrical relative location by angle or distance to certain reference point (RP), in other word, the absolute position of the user could be obtained only if absolute positions of RP are known.
• Logical positions: Identifying user’s position without information directly corresponding to physical space but associated with certain patterns including motions, activities and landmarks. Physical location could then be given by retrieving associate spatial features of those patterns. The output of a localization system is closely related to the methodology or algorithms the system uses to localize. The calculation of positions is the core engine of localization. We examine various existing…
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