Analysis Of Lurhman 's Strictly Ballroom And Mitchell 's It Follows Essay

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In Lurhman’s Strictly Ballroom and Mitchell’s It Follows, both directors use colour and music to enhance the experience of the romantic comedy and horror genre films. Where Mitchell uses audio and visual cues to break the conventional style of horror films in It Follows, Luhrman’s Strictly Ballroom uses audio and visual cues enhance the romantic comedy experience further. Where It Follows, relies on visuals to tell it’s story, Strictly Ballroom uses bright colors and musical cues to reassure the audience that the two main characters will end up together.
In Mitchell’s It Follows, he enlists the help of composer Vreeland to create music for his film. Traditionally a composer for video games, Vreeland’s music consists of the 8-bit type music that is consistently found in Vreeland’s main line of work. Whereas “traditional” horror films may carry orchestral music, Vreeland’s music is synthesized and therefore stands out because of it. In combination with his composer’s music, Mitchell also uses silence and natural ambience to further break the horror music stereotype. Where more popular horror films would use silence, darkness and loud sounds to help increase tension, Mitchell uses silence and music to do that instead. Vreeland’s music, which mainly contains higher pitched music enhanced by low beats, is mainly used during key moments that involves the Follower. For example, during our second introduction to It, the music consists of high pitched (flat sounding?????) notes

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