Analysis Of Lurpak, The, And The Problem Solver Essay

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TWO-B is a full-service advertising agency founded in 2015, San Francisco, CA. We are the thinker, the storyteller, the innovator and the problem solver. Our passion for understanding people and motivating culture are aimed at one thing: delivering the most impressive work to live in engaging and humanizing ways. We believe that brands always have the potential to be more successful, so we are here to refine them by creating unique strategies and intelligent creative outcomes. We do account services, brand strategies, designs, digital products, social media, integrated advertising or any customized services that are suitable and effective for brands.


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Lurpak is a famous Danish butter brand started in 1901 and sold in over 70 countries worldwide. It is best known for its distinctive silver packaging and one of the most successful brands in the European market. The ‘Champion of Good Food’ campaign launched in 2oo7, and it made Lurpak archive double digital growth and overtake the market leader since then. All of its effective advertising campaigns have been a visual feast of the eyes through a dramatic strategy, sending exclusive messages over the years in the European FMCG industry. After conquering the European market, they want to expand and grow their market shares outside Europe. However, this

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