Analysis Of Mark Twain 's A Connecticut Yankee

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How to train your human In 1889 Mark Twain’s publishes A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, which is consider the first science fiction novel. Like most science fiction stories, there is time travel and futuristic technology messing with the past. Hank Morgan is sent into the past after getting knocked unconscious by a man named Hercules with a crowbar. After realizing that he is in the past, he uses his knowledge of an impending solar eclipse to trick the masses into making him the second most powerful man in society. Being an educated 19th century American gentleman, Hank believes it is up to him to make Arthurian England more like 19th century American. He tries to change the beliefs of the people and introduces 19th century technology. In the end, Hank fails in his quest to completely change everything about Arthurian England. Mark Twain’s usage of humor combined with Hank’s attempts to change Arthurian technology, religious beliefs and social structure, exemplifies that human’s beliefs are trained into them, which ultimately demonstrates that society can not change without the training of a new generation.
Humor is used in order to conceal the weakness in superstitious beliefs. Like many satires, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court does not blatantly announce its theme. Twain uses “humor [to] disarm the reader, but if the reader is careful they can see the darker sides of the humor” (Berkove 243). The main catalyst for humors is the famous magician

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