Analysis Of Monique And The Mango Rains

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Monique and the Mango Rains written by Kris Holloway is a compelling story of a friendship between a young Peace Corps volunteer and a midwife. This book is about how Monique wants to better the lives of women and children who constantly poverty, unhappy marriages, and endless work. Throughout the story it can be seen that there are many different concepts that the culture encounters every day, and for women it is not easy. Three of these major concepts include but are not limited to gender inequality, infant mortality and violence against women. While there is not technical term for violence against women it can be described as violence that causes physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm; it is a violation of human rights and a …show more content…

But Monique was not even aware of that when she was invited to the U.S to visit she thought that she had to ride on the plane and hold on the entire time, she was not aware that you could actually sit inside and have a comfortable ride. But let’s not forget to mention that Monique’s salary was not even fully hers until the end. Her hard-earned money was partially kept by the Clerk and then the rest was kept by her Fathers-in-Law. She was left with little to nothing to take care of her and her family. It is also shown that the men have the upper hand in the story because the men dictate everything the women do they tell them where they are and are not allowed to go. They even get to eat first and have the best food that was made. Then men even got to kept the children just in case the mother and father got divorced. The list can go on and on with how unequal the genders are to each other. But to the women here it is everyday life and they thought that is how women are treated everywhere else. Among violence against women and gender inequality, death is a constant factor that runs through the whole story this culture is surrounded by it every day and even when there is drought death is expected, but infant mortality is a constant battle. There are multiple occasions where infants die, mainly because of what they are being fed and how they are treated. It is understood that Monique’s baby’s health is declining throughout the story. The main cause of children

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