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On the 8th October of 2014, Mr. Moore has given me and everyone that have him for Economic an assignment in which we have to compete with everyone in that period, period 5 for me, by trading stocks in order to gain money to contest and win the game and the prize for the winner is to not write a 10 pages essay if he gain more than 25% and have a 10% boot to his/her grade, for the second person in that period’s lit, he/she will have a 5% boot and also the same in the essay. And the game end in the 19th December of 2014,I have lost the contest by not gaining but losing the money in which 26.6% of $5,000 that i have in my account when i started, so my punishment for losing is to writing a 10 pages essay that follow the teacher’s expectation. Now about the experience that i have throught the game is that stock is not normal, it is always changing, and sometimes it changes in a big amount that you can gain a big amount of money in an instant but of course you can lose all of your money and also make your account goes negative. Stock market is like gambling, you don’t know if you can win or not, look like u win but turn out u lost all the money or it goes the other way. When the game ends, I end up losing 26.6% of $5,000 that I have because i didn’t understand the concept of the game that much like others who made profits. One of my biggest trades that I made was the buy of CZR company with 289 shares with an amount of $15.71 each, because I saw that It started to going up but I

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