Analysis Of ' My Father 's Axe '

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“My Father’s Axe”, “In the Park”, and “Her Kind” Identity Analysis Weland La

The composer of My Father’s Axe, Tim Winton, explores the universal themes of male identity in the modern age, throughout his short story. He utilises many relatable scenarios throughout his short story which conveys the stereotypical male identity in today’s society. “Jamie says he doesn’t know where the axe is and I believe him; he won’t chop wood anymore. Elaine hasn’t seen it; it’s men’s business, she says”. The composer is establishing the notion of an axe being a tool which is typically related to the male gender. Tim Winton symbolises the axe as a tool which requires great physical strength, a trait which the male identity are often expected to possess. The composer also depicts the male identity as the person who is solely responsible for the functionality of a family, “He left me with the responsibility of fueling the home” and “My mother called me the man of the house”. “I saw my father ball his handkerchief up and bite on it to muffle his sobs”. The composer’s use of imagery visualises the father’s attempts to hide his tears. This portrays the male identity as generally being subconscious of their emotions. Crying is an action often stereotypically represented as a weakness found mainly in the female identity, and not the male counterpart, therefore men often try to hide these “feminine” feelings to retain their sense of masculinity. This notion suggest
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