Analysis Of Never Marry A Mexican By Sandra Cisneros

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In ‘’Never Marry a Mexican”, the author, Sandra Cisneros, tells the story of a protagonist, Climencia, whose mother gives her some vague advice. “Never marry a Mexican, ma ma said once and always” (Cisneros 109). This advice was given due to the fact her mother is insulted that the man she married came from a higher social class then her. Climencia is troubled with the true meaning of her mother’s words and applies it different aspects of her life in an everlasting tug of war, that in the end, destroys her. Clemencia watches her parent’s relationship deteriorate because of her mother’s vindictiveness. Her mother even has an affair while her father is on his death bed in the hospital. Climencia used to swoon over the idea of getting married someday and being a man’s arm candy. But after experiencing first-hand her parents’ marriage problems she changes her mind. After the death of her Dad, Clemencia’s mother abandons her emotionally. Clemencia vows she will never marry any man. She thinks she expects too much out of marriage and will only be let down. She becomes involved with a lover named Drew and through this relationship, in a twisted way, she gains self-worth and self-love. She considers her own kind unworthy of happiness but does not see herself in the group.
The first thing Clemencia tells the reader about her life is about her mother and fathers marriage. Her father came from the finer side of life, Clemencia mentions he even had a servant growing up, but he had a

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