Analysis Of Not Waving But Drowning

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‘Not Waving but Drowning’ by Stevie Smith is an example of dark poetry where she uses the theme of death as she has done in many of her previous works. In this poem, she talks figuratively and also literally about a man lost in the sea. Also, there is an amazing contradiction in its content as well as in the tone; from the frivolity in the narration to the man finding himself in a serious situation. Stevie smiths work often combines unpredictability and doom, and she continues with this trend in this poem. This poem is one of her most famous works in which it can be said that the omission of important punctuations and quotation marks makes her audience understand the depth of the poem.
The entire theme of this poem revolves around the speech of a dead man who throughout his life has been lost and always cries out for help to people who never understood. The author uses the imagery, contrast as well as a vague tone to show how the people around this man is isolated and misunderstood him leaving him to his pain and misery. In this poem, Stevie Smith uses a mixture of various conflicting emotions, symbolism that evokes undertones of death, isolation, melancholy, and metamorphosis to explore the dead man’s pain. A close analysis of the waves of lyrics that the author uses to narrate this tale reveals a solemn moral at the heart of this composition. That moral is the ambiguity and reality of the hearts of each one of us. We may always seem joyous, but each person deep in their

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