Analysis Of Nothing Gold Can Stay, By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost wrote this poem in 1923.Frost is referencing creation from the perspective of a Christian.The poem is about creation and how creation evolves over time. Frost is a poet from New England.He was concerned about the current political climate.This piece of is from 20th century poetry.
I think the type of poem Robert Frost wrote was aa narritive.It tells a story about nature's first green and how does over time and how Eden handle it. It's not really a lengthy poem so I guess you could call this poem a short story.
Nothing Gold Can Stay implies multiple possibilities what it can mean.There's just tons of possibilities of what it means.Some people think it talks about nature's first spring while others think it talks about Edens baby. I we still haven't figured out what it means.
The poem Robert wrote repeats the word leaf about four times in the poem. Then leaf starts to rhyme with other words in the poem such as grief. Them rhyming together makes me think that there's a connection between the two of them making me think harder about what this poem means.
There is really no month or season in this poem.My guess is that the poem is from spring to fall. If you read the poem it starts talking about nature's first green is gold which references spring then the leaf dies because of the season referencing fall.
Robert uses personifications to refer to character such as nature and eden. Nature could mean mother nature of just nature itself. Eden could mean the eden from

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