Analysis Of ' Nurses ' Verbal Support Of Nulliparous Women During Second Stage Labor '

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Critique of Borders et al.’s Study (2013) “Midwives’ Verbal Support of Nulliparous Women in Second-Stage Labor”
The title of this article was succinct and specific, including the phenomenon under study (verbal support in second-stage labor) and the population (nulliparous women). Although the title seems to imply that the study is qualitative in nature, it does not overtly state this, and for some readers, it may be helpful to point that out. Also, the term “nulliparous” is not a word used often in the general vocabulary of everyday people, and warrants the use of a dictionary for most people to determine which type of women were included in the study. It may have also been more beneficial to mention the additional comparison of birthing outcomes as they related to the support of the midwives, since there was emphasis placed on this important topic within the study.
The abstract was a longer format including headings for each section. It lays out the purpose of the study along with the design type, setting, participants, methods, results, and conclusion in an easy-to-read format. The objective is to the point; however, the setting is very nonspecific and doesn’t seem to include a large enough sample population with only 14 women and nine midwives under study. The methods section describes the format of data recording to be used, and although the authors did not state this directly, it can be assumed that this is a cross-sectional study because of the nature…
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