Analysis Of Octavia Butler 's Science Fiction Classic

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“Bloodchild” Analysis Octavia Butler’s science fiction classic “Bloodchild” is the coming of age story told from the point of view of Gan. The story takes place on an alien planet the very night that Gan becomes a man. One might expect a highly masculine, ritualistic ceremony or event, but Butler turns the tables. In order to become a man Gan must be impregnated by an insectoid like alien named T’Gatoi. Cages have often been symbolic in literature as a means of subjugation, the cages in “Bloodchild” are imperative to the story in the same way. Through the explicit use of imagery, metaphor, prose and irony, Butler creates a story reflective of the sufferings of American Slavery, of life as an African American woman and causes the reader to reevaluate the way they treat others. “Bloodchild” has won multiple awards including the Nebula and Hugo Awards and an award for best science fiction novelette from the Science Fiction Chronicle (Heifitz). Butler gains literary notability by creating a work so horrifyingly believable, that is reflective of slavery and discrimination, it is a powerful story that pushes the reader to thoughts and ideas that might not have otherwise been explored. Similar to how some African American slaves accepted their treatment, Gan accepts the cages. The first three mentions of cages come at the beginning of the tale. T’Gatoi enters Gan’s home, offering gifts. She and Gan embrace and Gan notices that this action made the others feel caged (Butler 3).

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