`` Bloodchild `` By Octavia Butler

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“Bloodchild” is a story that pushes the limits of humankind, creating blurry interpretations of good and evil that challenges everyday societal norms. Octavia Butler takes a traditional action-filled story and twists it into an unexpected and intensified tale. Through this heightened piece of work, the most compelling argument can be found from the structure of the narrative itself. From the first-person narrative, readers are able to receive first hand perspective in which no omniscience of any sort can be detected. Readers can acquire the character’s actions, thoughts, and interpretation of the things that happen to them. “Bloodchild” is a story of an alien planet where the Terrans are enslaved by an alien race called the Tlic. Gan, the protagonist, has been promised as a host for the alien embryos in which the story will later reveal a deeper meaning underlining the sacrifice. The story introduces itself with the line, “My last night of childhood began with a visit home” (3). Readers are placed into a scene with no real beginning or proper introduction but instead confuse our conception of time and space through this sudden opening of science fiction. Butler’s reduction of humans into a commodity is essential to note because it may suggest that the relationship between the Terrans and Tlic is an enslaved and forced one. However, because of her bloodbath and gory language style that she utilizes, may lead viewers into interpreting this story about slavery and

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