Analysis Of Oedipus The King

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“These are the sorrows which have burst out and overwhelmed them both, man and wife alike. The wealth and happiness they once had was real while it lasted, but now--weeping, destruction, death, shame--name any shape of evil you will, they have it all” (Sophocles 73 ). Oedipus was once a King, having both power and responsibility. By the end of the story Oedipus’ actions in Oedipus The King by Sophocles affect not only his life but others around him as well. Oedipus matches Aristotle's meaning of a tragic character by becoming someone the audience can pity, because of his downfall in society and naive decisions that led him to the ultimate destruction of his former life, position of respect, and the admiration he once held from his people…show more content…
Oedipus has no idea that he killed his father and married his mother. In search for the King’s murderer, shocked, Oedipus even pronounces, “But how could a robber reach such a pitch of daring- to kill a king?” (11), proving he did not know he was the murderer and that he was in denial to the truth of the situation. Oedipus, so desperate to find the murderer earnestly begged to the people in Thebes, “If he is afraid to speak up, I order him to speak even against himself…” (15), being determined and hoping the supposed murderer would turn himself in. Oedipus cries out to his people for help in finding the murderer of the former king of Thebes, exclaiming, “If you know something, in God’s name, do not turn you back on us” (19), Oedipus persistently begs in compassion for his people, knowing he is the one that should protect them. He only wants what is best for everyone, to cure the sickness. Oedipus does not purposefully kill his father, and it is shown he means no harm when he utters, “I was running to a place where I would never see the shameful prophecy come true” (44), exemplifying his innocence in the whole situation. It is difficult to blame Oedipus for his actions when he did not know the true reality of his situation, and his desperation to prove who killed the king ultimately leads him to discover he
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