Analysis Of One Today By Richard Blanco

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Richard Blanco is a well known poet who has produced numerous poems throughout his career. Blanco has wrote powerful poems including “Boston Strong,” “Burning in the Rain,” “The Island Within,” “Since Unfinished,” and many more. He was born in Spain, but he moved to the United States at a young age. Growing up, Blanco took his parents’ advice in studying engineering, but he eventually developed a desire to explore the significance of belonging. He then began to travel around the world searching for an answer. He journeyed to Europe and South America, but returned to the U.S with his partner Dr. Mark Neveu. Blanco then comprised a book full of poems about his experiences traveling around the world, and the book eventually received an …show more content…

This stanza really is really deep and impactful to me since I aspire for unity and peace. Blanco essentially asks for unity in this passage, and he suggests that we all have this one “light” that we move through. The same “light” that we all experience throughout our day. He then mentions the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech written by Martin Luther King Jr.. Blanco then says we all share a similar dream about MLK’s speech and how the speech strengthens people together. Learning about MLK’s speech when I was younger was so fascinating, and it was also incredibly moving and encouraging to me. It was amazing to see so many people together fighting together for equal rights, and I think it inspired me to treat everyone fairly. Personally, I think it’s just plain stupid to mistreat others just because of their race, but unfortunately, racism is still a huge problem in today’s society. I wish I could actually do something about it, but I know I’m too powerless to do anything. It would just be pleasant to see everyone undivided and united regardless of race. Blanco also mentions the unfortunate tragedy that occurred at Newtown, Connecticut. I think I was in middle school when it occurred, and I remember how shocked and afraid I was. I also remember how everyone was in deep sorrow,

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