Analysis Of Pat Moora's 'Great Expectations'

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In “Great Expectations,” Pat Mora's essay on the stereotypical sexualization of Latina women, she states, “We often are too busy playing the game of Great Expectations”.(Mora.162) Oftentimes, society places the greatest expectations on women's outside appearance. Women are often categorized as either skinny, fat, plain, or beautiful regardless of how graceful they are on the inside. Knowing they will be categorized, puts an unrealistic pressure on them to look a certain way. Hooters is one such example of a company using subtle marketing to put unfair expectations on the appearance of women. Television is something most average American families have in their home. It will often bring families together because they are all in one room …show more content…

Not everyone can look this way; putting an impractical assumption of what the average female body looks like. While women at Hooters have the “ideal” body type without the miniscule outfits, the uniforms favor the woman's figure even more. The girls are required to wear small shorts that barely cover the butt. While the top is just as revealing; a very form fitting tank top with a low cut neck to show off the breasts. Although there is no breast size size that one must have to work there, it is rare that one will ever see a picture or advertisement where the women do not have larger than average breasts. Although the women alone are enough to make someone want to go to Hooters, the uniforms create a higher demand. The uniforms worn serve more than the purpose of being uniforms, they are also an extreme advertising technique. By exposing the woman's body it is creating a much greater appeal to dine at Hooters. In the same fashion that food is being advertised, the woman are as well. Having the women advertised creates the notion to others that this type of woman or body is beautiful or that to be someone you have to have that type of body. This type of advertisement is sending subtle messages to people everywhere.
Coupled with the advertising techniques used, the billboards create the primary source for showing what Hooters is all about. When one sees a Hooters billboard, no matter which one it is, it will more than likely have the company's

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