Hooters Women Analysis

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In “Great Expectations”, Pat Mora makes the statement, “We often are too busy playing the game of Great Expectations”.(Mora,162) Oftentimes, a woman is put up with having the greatest of expectations from the outside appearance. When one thinks of “ideal” or “beautiful” the women that work at the restaurant, ‘Hooters’ may come to mind. Hooters is known to having attractive women serve food with form fitting clothes on. The slogan for the restaurant is, “At Hooters, you'll find craveable food and wings, cold beer, sports, and of course, Hooters Girls.” The women that work there are automatically stereotyped as proven in their slogan as being “Hooters girls”. When one thinks of women, they are often categorized into either skinny, fat, …show more content…

With all of the mandatory requirements of the outside appearance of the female body, one might wonder, Why do women work here in the first place? In a recently conducted survey about the physiological effects Hooters has on women, most say they work there for the money and flexible scheduling. () The more money a girl makes, the more options she has in choosing her schedule. Meaning, the hours one gets are based off of the sales made. Depending on how much a woman flirts or “shows herself off” could depend on the tip she makes. Therefore, encouraging women to show off their body in order to make more money. With this brings along unwanted sexual comments and attention. This job also brings about loads of sexual harassment. Although they may make more money at Hooters than somewhere else, one might ask the question, is it worth it? Many women who work at Hooters experience, anxiety, degradation, and sadness. While having a lean and a perfect figure classifies them as beautiful, very little people see all of the negative emotions that surround the job. Without fully experiencing the Hooters job, one cannot grasp the toll that the job takes on these women's life. Many surveys have found that working in a sexually objectified work environment brings about unconscious thoughts of negative body images when looking in the mirror. This

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