Analysis Of Pentagram & Landor 's Graphic Designing Companies Essay

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PENTAGRAM & LANDOR A graphic designer must have a creative thinking skills, practical ability as well as creative expertise. He need a platform to practice his expertise and skills. The Graphics design company serve the purpose for the designer. The graphic design company is usually made by a group of designers who want to explore their talents as well as in order to promote their business. There are millions of the graphic designing companies working worldwide. They do the jobs of deigning and they are making good money as well. The top companies in the world are run by the world best graphic designers who keep on trying new innovative things in order to catch the attention of the audience and in turn promoting their businesses. In this paper, I will discuss the two companies which admire me the most among the graphic designing companies worldwide. These two companies are the Pentagram and the Landor. Pentagram and Landor are the among the world best graphic designing companies which have got a good name as well as good raking in the graphic companies. These companies are run by the world best designers like Kenneth Grange, Alan Fletcher who keep on introducing the innovative designing techniques in the market. That is the reason why many of the beginners today in the field of graphic designing who aim to start business steep consider these companies as their role models. The new comers want to follow the footsteps of these companies and their founders so that they can

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