Analysis Of ' Pico Iyer 's ' The Eyes Were Watching God ' By Zora Neale Hurston

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The concept of home has a plethora of definitions which allows someone to feel at home in a multitude of places or with multiple people. In his TED talk, Pico Iyer, discusses these questions about home, which aids in formulating a definition. One of his definitions is the place “where you find yourself,” which corresponds to the discussion of home in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (Iyer). The broadness of the definition makes it difficult to pin-point one location or person. Through Janie’s experience, a home for her is a place where she has a voice. This is paramount for Janie as it allows her to vocalize her opinions and feelings, thus aiding in finding herself. In many of her relationships, however, this voice was taken from her in most of her relationships, preventing her from learning about herself, her wants and needs, therefore preventing her from finding herself and even a home. In the novel, the protagonist, Janie, struggles to create a home with Nanny and the three men she marries due to their dominance, ultimately preventing Janie from having a voice and having a healthy relationship. However, Janie does find a non-dominating and reciprocated relationship with Pheoby allowing her to find her voice, therefore herself, and ultimately a home.
Although Nanny had great intentions of creating a protective and safe environment for Janie, it was not a home. Nanny tried to live the life she initially wanted through Janie, however, this caused Janie

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