Analysis Of Ray Rice Domestic Violence

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1. The media's interaction with victims of domestic violence is different from their interaction with victims of other types of crimes. The media tends to focus on the abuser more so than the victim, and for good reason. One reason is that they do not want to re-victimize the victim. Linda Osmundson offered her advice to journalists and she said to focus on the abuser, do not allow alcohol to become an excuse, and abuse is a world view and not a disease (Tompkins, 2014). Osmundson also said that journalists should remember that victims are reading, listening and watching coverage (Tompkins, 2014). I agree with Osmundson, especially the point she made about how victims are reading, listening, and watching. It was not too long ago that the…show more content…
If you do not want to be thrusted into the public eye, then do not commit an act of domestic violence. Janay Rice mentioned in her Instagram statement that the media took away something that her husband worked for all his life. The media did not take ANYTHING away. The NFL suspended him, not the media. If he has worked his whole life to play football, maybe he should have thought twice before letting his emotions get the better of him.
The fourth video, Fox News, at first glance when it came on and I saw four women and 1 man on the panel I thought for sure that it was going to be one sided in favor of Janay Rice. What I did not expect to hear was Ed Henry stating that Ray Rice was treated unfairly because it was caught on video. Unfairly... Are you kidding me. He was not treated unfairly. He chose to put his hands on his wife and that comes with consequences. I felt Fox News depicted the case fairly, one person felt like the perpetrator was treated unfairly, and they really did not say that much about Janay.
The fifth video, NBC News, was short and did not discuss much about the incident but instead focused on Ray Rice and how he is going to get back to playing football. What I found interesting was Janay Rice, her mom and dad's body language. Janay Rice is not looking at Ray Rice at all and she is not touching him. Now to me that says a lot. If he really did make a mistake and he has not done this before and this was a one time
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