Analysis Of Rice Farming

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The Proportion of Credit Structure Purposes Based on Cost Structure and Determinant Factors of Credit Demand by Farmers on Rice Farming Typology of Tidal Land
Abstract: Government policies to increase production and farmers' income at the same time with the ultimate goal of poverty reduction; one of them through distribution credit to strengthen farmers. Such efforts implemented by providing capital assistance which known as program of Food Security and Energy Credit. This research determines the proportion of credit purposes in the capital structure of farmers on farming, especially rice and determine the factors that influence the demand for agricultural credit by farmers, especially rice farming. The research was conducted in two …show more content…

Keywords: credit; cost structure; credit demand and Tidal swampland

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The factor of capital to finance still plays an important role in the development of farming systems in tidal swamp land, South Kalimantan. This capital can be obtained from internal farmer, result of the accumulation of income after consumption and can also be obtained from the external form of credit. Previous research findings on swamp land farming belonging to the sub-optimal land; among others by Makki et al (2008) and also Akudugu (2012) showed that the factors of financing and capital becomes one of the factors that determine the success of farming.
Base on previous studies, there is important to follow up because different with general characteristics that have so far in the implementation of agricultural businesses. Purposes of financing and capital in order to optimize farming in tidal swamp land just on the phases of certain activities and appropriate characteristics, then there is a difference between the purpose and use of capital between the tidal land farming compared to farming on the typology of rainfedor dry land.
Currently, access to farming credit relatively easy and credit schemes provided by the government has also been relatively large. But the main problem faced in terms of capital sources is actually the viability of a given credit scheme. Moreover, when the aspect of sustainability is focused on

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