Analysis Of Rising Tide : The Great Mississippi River

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Nature has been a captivating force that many have had the pleasure to witness in a number of capacities over the years. Whether one’s fascination comes in the form of seeing a beautiful sunrise or watching the first flowering of Spring, time and time again there has been a deep intrigue with nature in the hearts of humanity. In the case of John M. Berry who writes about the Mississippi River in Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America, the level of which he is simply amazed by the water body is very evident. Barry’s intense interest becomes largely apparent through the unique perspective with which he presents his readers. Rather than a formal and meticulously cultivated scientific report, Barry writes with a true passion while describing the mechanics of the river. In an attempt to thoroughly express how astonished he is by the great body of water, Barry uses awed descriptors and strategic applications of personification that go beyond what would be found in normal scientific analysis. Such tools are used to expertly showcase just how taken aback Barry, like many often are with nature’s miracles, is regarding the river and its capabilities. Upon the opening of the piece, Barry immediately launches in to using descriptors that go beyond the straightforward details expected from scientific writing. The description of the river’s characteristics as being an “extraordinarily dynamic combination of turbulent effects” reveal the author’s

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