Analysis Of Runaway Home By Jeremy J. Kamps

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On 14 September 2017, Runaway Home by Jeremy J. Kamps is a play that aired in the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood. The Fountain Theatre which is a small theatre with some decorations, but the place can describe that the play’s setting is not in a big city. In Runaway Home play, there are some places, such as the grocery store and a small house. Runaway Home is a performance that tells about a daughter named Kali (Camilee Spirlin) and her mom named Eunice (Maya Lynne Robinson) are returned to the Lower 9th Ward neighborhood of New Orleans, three years after Hurricane Katrina. Kali’s father, Tat (Leith Burke) did not come with them and Eunice’s mother and Kali’s grandmother died when Hurricane Katrina destroyed their place. Eunice has…show more content…
After that, Armando and Kali getting closer, and finally Kali get her part-time employment. Armando give her a job as a cashier. In the middle of the play, Eunice is looking for Kali, and meet Tat, her boyfriend after they have separated for several years. She told him that Kali is missing. Kali meet Lone Wolf, and they are often see each other and share everything. Until one day, the Lone Wolf give Kali a gun. He said that he feels safe with the gun on his hand, so Kali ask him to borrow it. Eunice’s neighbor named, Shana has stayed in New Orleans all three years, staunchly guarding her home, and the homes of her neighbors while attempting to galvanize the community vigorously against the ways the administration recuperation exertion has abused them together with the Lone Wolf and her friend, Mr. Dee. After a few weeks, Kali works at the Armando’s store, Tat meets Kali at the store, and they both have serious conversations. Suddenly, Kali pull out the gun from her bag and point it to her father. Accidentally, Kali fire the gun and damage the ceiling. Tomorrow morning, Armando come to the store and get mad to Kali because some people said to him that there was a shot from the store last night. Kali get fired and Armando ask her to give the gun because it is illegal for a girl who just 14 years old holds a gun. The climax occurs right after Kali get fired, someday Kali come to visit Armando at night,

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