Analysis Of Ryan 's ' The Flies '

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Similar to a circle, Ryan 's face is rounded just enough for his Aunt to love it. Despite a chubby face and fingers, his body is small. Fragile. In the six years of his life he has come to enjoy learning new concepts. He understands that to draw a house he must start with a square base. A roof is nothing more than a triangle on top. Add two squares for Windows and a rectangle for a door and Ryan has drawn a squiggly lined house. Red. Yellow. Green. One plus two equals three. Ryan understands these concepts, because they 're easy to control. Understanding becomes hard when the shapes are replaced by feelings, and the colors and numbers are replaced by people. Why is it hard to be understanding towards one another? How come it is difficult to put myself into someone else 's shoes and say they had every right to mock me. Could it be because I am too simpleminded to understand? Or, is it because I am too unwilling to let myself be carried away by someone else 's life. If they refuse to accept my world, then why should I try to understand theirs? It 's that kind of thinking that keeps me from truly enjoying life. When I fail to see the rough aspects in others lives, it not only makes them, but also me, feel frustrated as well. I know how it feels to be unheard. I know how it feels to have someone watch me talk, but ignore my words; like I wasn 't there to begin with. Who am I if my peers are willing to treat my voice as if it was nothing more than a gust of air? I crash

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