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With the way technology is now “if it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.” says Frank Lloyd Wright. In other words, he is saying that some people would prefer to let every other limb in their body go to wasted and deteriorate, but they would be content since they would still have their finger to use a phone and or computer with. The way technology is advertised in today’s society has pressured its audience to feel as if they have to keep up and move at the speed that it develops in order to fit in to the society. In Sam Graham-Felsen’s article he states how his phone has certainly made his life easier but then questions himself saying “but [has] it made my life better”? Notably one of the advantages of having the latest gadget in technology is easy accessibility like when you are trying to find the nearest restaurant of your choice or want to know what your grade is in a class on the school’s online gradebook. But what happens when you don’t have a GPS? Felsen mentions about a time he was too embarrassed to ask a stranger for directions and had to call his wife who has an IPhone for the directions. Him being embarrassed was a cause of being overly reliant on his phone. I’ve had an encounter like this before where I was on a trip with my aunt and we were going to Texas. We were hours away from our location and her phone service was only local for California so once we crossed into Texas her GPS cut off. We had been relying on the GPS to get

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