Analysis Of Schuman's Speech

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The Schuman Declaration is the foundation of the European project that we live in today. In his speech on 9 May, 1950, Robert Schuman proposed to pool France and Germany’s Coal and Steel production together for the greater purpose to create peace and safeguard Europe. For some it came as a surprise because only five years passed since devastating World War II came to an end. Withal, it gives room for interpretation and speculations. Therefore, this paper will analyse the real motivation of Robert Schuman whether his intentions were primary to secure peace in Europe or whether, he had something different and lower intentions in mind.

First a version of the Schuman Declaration must be decided on to continue the analysis further. To find an appropriate version of the Schuman Declaration, …show more content…

As a matter of fact, Jean Monnet, who was a servant in the National-Planning board of France drafted the speech with Paul Reuter (Lovett, 1996). Therefore, the Schuman Plan is the outcome between the collaboration of several civil servants. According to Scott’s criteria this can be considered a menace to the authorship of the version. Therefore, the Schuman Plan is the outcome between the collaboration of several civil …show more content…

First, it was interested in achieving world peace and to improve living conditions in Europe. Second, it was aiming for the greater goal for itself to create the ECSC. Subsequently, France was driven by its own interest to benefit from an economic partnership with Germany. Thus, the Schuman Declaration provides enough credibility for the idea of the ECSC. Withal, the reader should not completely discount the notion of peace keeping. It is likely, that France acted in its personal interest but saw more prosperity in the

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